New loan idea to help those who had some credit issues in the past

A new loan program recently became available with a few lenders that allows Buyers to get a Lease Purchase type loan that typically would be found doing a Seller Carry Back (Seller financed) purchase.

As many Buyers have found, to find a Seller Carry back is almost impossible in our market but this loan opens that up and the interesting part about this loan is that you are not stuck only choosing from a few possible home selections, this loan allows you to choose from most homes for sale currently on the market.

Low out of pocket costs

Additionally the amount you need to come up for your down payment and the monthly payments are not bad at all.
We have seen a lot of interest in this loan program lately considering the recent market and what many former home owners had to go through during this recession.

If you like to speak with a lender and see if you qualify let us know.